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Monday, November 15, 2010

Stormy Weather

I love wild weather as long as Mother Nature doesn't take it too far. I just thought I'd post this as I've never experienced a storm inside a venue before. It was very hot and muggy all day then wham! The wind blasted and the rain came in horizontally. The boys tried to keep playing but rain started to pour down the walls and into the sound equipment and amps so we had to abandon ship for a while.

I love the outfit I was wearing, a Basilik stretchy cotton black maxi skirt with the only thing I've ever bought at Country Road.... a nude silk top with a layer of matt black sequins and tied up with black bows at the back. I wore it with some groovy high heeled sandals from Wittner that I've had for ages. It looked great in person but a bit chunky on film, such is the smock effect. Oh well!! Still, the lovely owner and his family was in having a pre-Christmas get together so I was glad I was kind of elegant. I teamed the ensemble with some Wittner high heeled sandals that I've had for ages. They are still in fashion! This tune is It's Alright With Me with Vince Hopkins on guitar, Ben O'Loughlin on bass and Pete Hodges on drums.

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