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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frill Seeker

I seem to be going a little nuts.  Last Friday was cool-ish  and I was looking in the shop that is my closet which should be the master bedroom... but it's not... it's the closet.  I had an outfit already picked out for the gig, a  cute little ruffled sweater dress from Review. It was probably the last time I could wear it before next winter. But the day before I had removed the sleeves from am Anthropologie ruffled thigh length sweater. The problem with the sweater is that it is too hot for mild weather and not warm enough when it's really cold. But I was in need of more vests so off came the sleeves and I was very pleased with the outcome. Then my eye caught a little black lacey tunic, also with ruffles at the hem and threw it on, just for a second, and tossed the my new "vest" over that, belted it and there it was, Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, only more frilly! I slipped into the green Jeffery Campbell boots (pic in previous post) and I couldn't take it off. It was pretty wild thing to wear to jazz gig. But hey, what the hell?

I like to give them all something to talk about.  It's a shame we don't start a little later. With daylight saving time and the days getting longer so the sun shines pretty brightly so the film is a bit bright.
But, it's about the music, isn't it? Isn't it?????
 Here's Everything Happen to Me (the whole song because the lovely Ben 'loglin is soloing on the bass and it's great.

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