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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Holy Crap!

Alice and Olivia Sequined tank Dress
This gorgeous and comfy dress is from a great site that has world wide free delivery! If you can find something on sale in your size it's really worth it. The picture doesn't do the rich deep olive color justice. I wore it with a little Free the People cropped hoodie and a pair of Steve Madden wooden sandals also from ShopBop.
Now, I was dared to post this church song and I had a massive migraine during this gig  (I missed the next gig and Christmas entirely as it lasted four days) which means I missed the last opportunity to bring out the sparkles. (Except for NYE) but since it will a hundred and ten degrees that day....
Here's my little attempt at Oh Holy Night. Try and find Stan Walker doing it! We are at opposite ends of the scale. He is utterly amazing.
Have a great NYE!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ring a Bling Bling

My sequined legging came in the mail on Friday in time for my gig so I had to rethink my outfit for that evening. I wasn't sure if the leggings that I found on                
(I'm sorry, I don't remember how I became a member)  were going to look any good but because they have un-sequined strips down both the inside and out side leg, they look great.  Ideeli doesn't ship overseas (damn them!) so my mother who lives in Ca. sent them over for me. I could have gone very rokstar with the look but this is a jazz gig so instead I put a sheer Cohen et Sabine  black scooped neck dress over the pants and it soften the look right up but still great for the Christmas shows we've been doing. I found the dress on Ebay and had yet to wear it. Mind you, some boots and long t-shirt, a frilly vest and Ring a Bling Bling! Cool.My clip this week is Have Yourself a Merry Christmas. Pete my drummer had to leave early so we did it as a trio which was lovely.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

123,223, 323,423!

We're doing Christmas shows at Cap Kitch 3 days a week up until Christmas Eve and it isn't until you do that many Christmas songs in a row that you realize most Christmas tunes are in 3/4. Waltzes.  I'm going to spend 2011 writing my own! Just so we can swing.
Still, I can't complain because I get to pull out my collection of 60's to 80's fully sequined and beaded dresses that I rarely get to wear.  The one I'm wearing in the video is a lovely deep blue. I did discover though, that they are very uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time. The Cap only has metal stools and since so many Christmas tunes are slow I decided I would sit for these gigs. But it hurt after a while! So for this tune, I'm standing. I love this tune,
What are you doing New Years Eve? Diana Krall does it and Ella.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sequined Insanity

I'm just mad for sequins. Not great big gawdy sequins, but dark gold and bronze.
I found this little number on a little site called Modnique:

Not a great deal of good clothes but when they do they're a good price. The only drawback is that the items take at least six weeks to arrive. Supposedly this little dress, and I use the term lightly as it really is a long top, was designed by Lindsay Lohan.
I surprised tht I found one that would fit!!
Here's a live version of my cover of the song Crush originally by Jennifer Paige.