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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twinkle in Every Sense

It has to be exactly the right weather conditions to break out the sequined leggings. Nice and chilly and gets dark early.  Perfect. My Zoom Q3 broke down so I now have to use the Zoom HD which I hate because it is wide and I need it to be tall or I get cut off. Never mind. If I can find a small Philips head screwdriver I'll have a go at fixing the Zoom Q3 myself.
This week was just the trio so I did one of my originals for you. It's called Twinkle Twinkle to go with the leggings!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art Deco

I've been sent another photo by a lovely jazz fan Tim, who looks like a good American! Thanks Tim
What a smile!!!

I love my Outnet sleeveless jacket so I wore it with a really inexpensive flapper dress from Aesos and was so glad I was dressed up because not only did the owner arrive with his Kloe Kardashian look alike daughter but who should show up but the ever fabulous Patrizio Buanne the Italian crooner. He sat it with the band and sang Fly Me the Moon, hamming it up all the way. But he's got the big notes that's for sure. Enjoy! 

Oh, And I'm doing a super fast version of Down With Love.