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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Walking on By in Scratchy Pants

I'm still trying to get the perfect version of Walk on By and this is the best so far, I think. It wasn't as hot as I thought it was going to be so I put my new See by Chloe mustered and apricot pin striped dress pants on with a Fleur Wood top that used to be a dress. Also a lovely apricot color. I was pleased that I had something that was the perfect "go with" for the trousers. The trousers have a mustard base with metallic apricot pin stripe which looks great. It just doesn't show up on the video. I bought the Fleur Wood cotton dress a couple of years ago because it was so on sale and beautiful material but a bit of a sack, a shape that doesn't really suit me. I had been planning to make it a top and finally the pants gave me the motivation. I tried to get a photo of the fabric up close but couldn't capture it. Unfortunately, lovely as these trousers are...they are the scratchiest things I've ever felt. I had to wear thick Lycra leggings underneath to cope. Oh the price of beauty!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frill Seeker

I seem to be going a little nuts.  Last Friday was cool-ish  and I was looking in the shop that is my closet which should be the master bedroom... but it's not... it's the closet.  I had an outfit already picked out for the gig, a  cute little ruffled sweater dress from Review. It was probably the last time I could wear it before next winter. But the day before I had removed the sleeves from am Anthropologie ruffled thigh length sweater. The problem with the sweater is that it is too hot for mild weather and not warm enough when it's really cold. But I was in need of more vests so off came the sleeves and I was very pleased with the outcome. Then my eye caught a little black lacey tunic, also with ruffles at the hem and threw it on, just for a second, and tossed the my new "vest" over that, belted it and there it was, Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, only more frilly! I slipped into the green Jeffery Campbell boots (pic in previous post) and I couldn't take it off. It was pretty wild thing to wear to jazz gig. But hey, what the hell?

I like to give them all something to talk about.  It's a shame we don't start a little later. With daylight saving time and the days getting longer so the sun shines pretty brightly so the film is a bit bright.
But, it's about the music, isn't it? Isn't it?????
 Here's Everything Happen to Me (the whole song because the lovely Ben 'loglin is soloing on the bass and it's great.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stormy Weather

I love wild weather as long as Mother Nature doesn't take it too far. I just thought I'd post this as I've never experienced a storm inside a venue before. It was very hot and muggy all day then wham! The wind blasted and the rain came in horizontally. The boys tried to keep playing but rain started to pour down the walls and into the sound equipment and amps so we had to abandon ship for a while.

I love the outfit I was wearing, a Basilik stretchy cotton black maxi skirt with the only thing I've ever bought at Country Road.... a nude silk top with a layer of matt black sequins and tied up with black bows at the back. I wore it with some groovy high heeled sandals from Wittner that I've had for ages. It looked great in person but a bit chunky on film, such is the smock effect. Oh well!! Still, the lovely owner and his family was in having a pre-Christmas get together so I was glad I was kind of elegant. I teamed the ensemble with some Wittner high heeled sandals that I've had for ages. They are still in fashion! This tune is It's Alright With Me with Vince Hopkins on guitar, Ben O'Loughlin on bass and Pete Hodges on drums.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Always to Plan

Who would think in a city full of good musicians that we couldn't find a bass player to fill in for Vince. But that's the thing. All the good ones get booked quickly and I don't like working with students and the ones that have just graduated because they have terrible attitudes. Like you owe them something.
So, even though Tom HATES HATES HATES working without a bass player, we were stuck. But it gave me a chance to get my favorite trumpet player in, Tommy J.
He's such a lovely boy and and just scored a scholarship at Berkeley School of Music in Boston. Here' s just one example of his lovely work. And girls, he's single.
Isn't he gorgeous?

My outfit this week, as it was still chilly, allowed me to finally wear the green Jeffery Campbell boots.
I wore them with a review ruffled skirt and one of those thin stretchy T-shirts with this green color in it, that I found in an outlet shop in Ventura, Ca. Someone told me I looked like Taylor Swift. OMG! I don't like dressing like a child but I often find myself looking at items of clothing on the net only to discover they are kids clothes! I'm shaking my head in shame.
Here's chilled version of Blue Champagne.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Round Midnight

When I heard Lind Ronstadt sing Round Midnight I was completely taken. I've always loved Linda and her greatest hits album was played relentlessly. So, one of the advantages of a regular gig or a residency as it's called, is the chance to keep working towards great takes of my favorite songs. Although, every single tune I do at my gigs is one of my favorite songs.

This week, I wore a pair of dark blue harem pants with a really old top I found at Myers in the miss department years ago. I remember seeing it and thinking wow. How did such a great item get here?  It's a thick cotton halter top with large metal circles sewn like a large necklace. What makes it great is the the bling is metal and bronze. I have a pair of fantastic bronze platform pumps that go prefectly.  I wasn't wearing the top much at all but I never parted with it because it was inexpensive and fantastic. I've often thought they made a mistake with the pricing! Now of course, it's the perfect top with harem pants.
I teamed this with a little cropped denim jacket which was a great find as it looks great with dresses too and works whether it's hot or cold.
So, enough of the fashion, I hope you enjoy the clip.