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Saturday, August 27, 2011

All the Things You Are

This was a special request from one of my youtube subscribers but I can't remember who!  Pete forgot all the mic stands (I don't know how that happens!!) but that's OK. There's a certain freedom when you're not standing still behind a mic stand. Not that I have ever stood still. I can't!
I'm wearing one of my oldest dresses from Sportsgirl, bought at a time when they had a real designer working for them. It's a beautiful wash of different colors and 100% silk. I'm wearing a pair of David Campell boots (they were a substitute for the D-Squared I really wanted but couldn't afford).
Enjoy the video!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fab 50's Fashion

I just love the style of the fifties and none more so than my huge collection of hand beaded tops and dresses. This is one of the jewels in the crown worn with a cropped Jill Sanders suit jacket and some Nine West green pumps.   (That's all beading on a wool background!)
The Connie Lansberg Quartet performs at the Bentleigh Club once a month and it's very nice there with a dedicated jazz crowd so I'll be bringing out the rest of collection as the months go on. There were a few older woman there who said they remember these dresses and how glamorous they were. They were tickled pink to see me wearing one.  I've put My Romance on this week to celebrate my romance with fashion!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to Front

Sometimes you just have turn things around. Literally! I love this 1961 Lindsay Lohan "designed" matt sequined number but I find the big beige vee in the front a little hard to work with. 


Since the zipper is on the side I had no problem turning it back to front, pairing it with a little brown sweater and it looked great under the lights. I wore my bronze high high heels and instant glam!

This weeks video is How High the Moon and gives a great close up of Tom's masterful piano playing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black and White

 I'll say right now what a terrible shame that Amy Winehouse, a prodigious talent, died today. Where are the poeple who are supposed to be looking after her?  

So, Cry me a River is a fitting tune to post.

 I wore a lovely slinky sheer Broadway and Broome top I got from Shop Bop, the best US fashion site, because their International shipping is free! It looks like such a simple top but it looks great on. 
I teamed it with a pair of Morrison velvet harem pants and my Sam Edelson platform sandals.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love for Sale? How Much??

I was going to wear something completely different for The Bentleigh Club gig which, by the way, was fabulous. It's rare when the venue tells the band that they are fantastic. Never happens so, we were very pleased. It was a great audience. But, I digress. I was going to wear my new velvet pants and a top but a great photographer friend  of mine, David Gilliver,  said he was coming down so I thought I should wear the fifties style dress that I wore once before so that I could use the photos for posters.

It looked great on my normal Zoom Q3 which broke less than a year old and looks fine in the photos, but now I have an Zoom HD which really does no one any good! Makes everyone wide!
It was freezing cold so I wore lace leggings and boots when I should have worn my lovely little red Karen Millen shoes. 

I thought the video would only get the top half in. I can't see anything through the lens so it's always hit and miss whether I have all the band in.Well, I got more than the whole band in so here is 
Love For Sale.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Love Letter

Julie London's version of Love Letters can make my significant other cry. I aspire to make him cry too! So, even though he couldn't play with us last Friday (turncoat has a great blues band too) I did this for him while wearing my gorgeous Zambelli dress with the huge flower at the side. The green and cream pattern looked like a painting on the film and the little black bolero gave it a lovely shape. 

Because the new HD camera goes long way instead of up and down you can't see the great lace leggings and Dolce Vita black boots. I still haven't found a screwdriver small enough to take the Q3 apart. I like to fix things! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twinkle in Every Sense

It has to be exactly the right weather conditions to break out the sequined leggings. Nice and chilly and gets dark early.  Perfect. My Zoom Q3 broke down so I now have to use the Zoom HD which I hate because it is wide and I need it to be tall or I get cut off. Never mind. If I can find a small Philips head screwdriver I'll have a go at fixing the Zoom Q3 myself.
This week was just the trio so I did one of my originals for you. It's called Twinkle Twinkle to go with the leggings!