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Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Always to Plan

Who would think in a city full of good musicians that we couldn't find a bass player to fill in for Vince. But that's the thing. All the good ones get booked quickly and I don't like working with students and the ones that have just graduated because they have terrible attitudes. Like you owe them something.
So, even though Tom HATES HATES HATES working without a bass player, we were stuck. But it gave me a chance to get my favorite trumpet player in, Tommy J.
He's such a lovely boy and and just scored a scholarship at Berkeley School of Music in Boston. Here' s just one example of his lovely work. And girls, he's single.
Isn't he gorgeous?

My outfit this week, as it was still chilly, allowed me to finally wear the green Jeffery Campbell boots.
I wore them with a review ruffled skirt and one of those thin stretchy T-shirts with this green color in it, that I found in an outlet shop in Ventura, Ca. Someone told me I looked like Taylor Swift. OMG! I don't like dressing like a child but I often find myself looking at items of clothing on the net only to discover they are kids clothes! I'm shaking my head in shame.
Here's chilled version of Blue Champagne.

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