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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Holy Crap!

Alice and Olivia Sequined tank Dress
This gorgeous and comfy dress is from a great site that has world wide free delivery! If you can find something on sale in your size it's really worth it. The picture doesn't do the rich deep olive color justice. I wore it with a little Free the People cropped hoodie and a pair of Steve Madden wooden sandals also from ShopBop.
Now, I was dared to post this church song and I had a massive migraine during this gig  (I missed the next gig and Christmas entirely as it lasted four days) which means I missed the last opportunity to bring out the sparkles. (Except for NYE) but since it will a hundred and ten degrees that day....
Here's my little attempt at Oh Holy Night. Try and find Stan Walker doing it! We are at opposite ends of the scale. He is utterly amazing.
Have a great NYE!

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