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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hitting the High Notes

I don't have any film from NYE because it was just Tom Hanssen and myself playing for a captive audience at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. I got to sing every ballad I know. It is a bit harder though without bass to keep us in time. We did all right though.  I know that sometimes I do get very lazy about actually practicing my scales and exercises so to motivate myself I bought Cari Cole's warm up exercises. I found them to be very worthwhile as they brought back things I knew but had forgotten.  I highly recommend them if you want to quickly improve your tone and control. Here's the link:
I was hoping that APRA, our collection body in Australia would bring her out here for a workshop.

Now, I wanted to take a close up of the fabulous, well I can only call it a bib, that I got from one of my favorite on line shops,, but  I dropped my camera and broke it! Very upsetting. I shall just have to describe it and you can see it in this weeks' video.

It is a oblong shaped bib covered in amber and brown beads that ties around your neck to create a front piece for any plan top or dress you might be wearing. I did a little alteration on it though. I sewed the cloth tape ties together so they were at a certain level and I took the excess and sewed them on either side to turn it into more of a string vest. I think you can see it in vid. Made it much more comfortable to wear since it's rather heavy. The piece is from a designer called Haute Hippie which you'll find at Shopbop and Polyvore. I teamed with my Basikke (pronounced basic) harem pants and a silky little top from Aus label Basque. It was extremely hot that day and it's always hard to dress up when it's hot.
Here's Both Sides Now with my A team band. Once again, this is a very busy and popular cafe so it's always noisy!

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