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Monday, October 11, 2010

Still Cold

For the last few weeks I've been ready to get into my pretty spring dresses and ditch the sweaters but it's just not happening. It's still freezing at night. I've been watching the forecast and the whole week is beautiful and warm except for Friday when the temperature is set to drop and the skies open.  So, winter outfits still reign supreme.

This week, I'm posting a comp of Smile (did you know that Charlie Chaplin wrote Smile???) and Sometimes I'm Happy.  Smile always gets a great response and I love to do the songs people really know. In fact, I put together a show of only the most well known Standards and ended up giving away many cards. Hmmm? I couldn't do it every week even though our audience changes. We play in a large cafe that refuses to advertise the fact that we're there and so our audiences aren't expecting to be an audience! That's our challenge every week, to delight and amaze the people who show up in an effort to get them to stay and drink more. I think we do all right.

So, because it was still cold I ended up wearing my FCUK long beaded tunic with a blue cardi and some new James jeans from the Outnet, my new favorite online store. They were touted as being skinny jeans but I had to take them in at the ankles to make them fit properly. I've actually pulled out the sewing machine this week and I'm committed to doing all the alterations needed so that nothing goes unworn! I'm getting ready to start and Ebay store too.  I bought the first tunic when it first came out (paid full price) and then ended up cutting it to make it a shirt which worked out well. But styles change, leggings became huge and I really wanted to have it mid thigh again. To my delight, there it was on Ebay, so now I have a shirt length and a tunic length. Mind you the girl selling it on Ebay quoted the price as double what I actually paid and I felt it was my job to reprimand her for telling a lie. Don't tell lies on Ebay. It goes against the spirit and someone will know the truth!
Enjoy the video.

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