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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ebay International

Last week, my drummer decided to actually have a look at this blog and decided he really liked it. Go figure. Still, at gigs he has never gone near the microphone, though in real life, he's hysterical. So you can imagine my surprise when he suddenly popped behind the mic and made a very loud announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I think you will all agree that Connie looks spectacular tonight. Her outfit  is brought to you by Ebay International".  I nearly fell over. I went bright red and I couldn't stop laughing. I was just upset the tape wasn't running. The whole audience was laughing as I felt myself go red. It takes a lot to make me blush but he exposed my secret! So, I left in my admonishment of him as I berated him. I mean come on. It's a gorgeous fully sequined Scanlan & Theodore that, yes I did get on Australian Ebay. I wore it with a purple shrug, tights and heels but you can't see the color in the tape which is a shame because it was a great contrast.

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