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Monday, August 23, 2010

People are just the Cutest!

I actually really enjoy the human race. Without exception I believe that one on one, you can find good in everyone. least a reason for their dis-function. I live to gig because in this world that is my best method of connection. Internet is all well and good but it is not a conduit for the information carried by the personal vibration of an individual.  Anyway..... I have pictures and video's everywhere and my persona is out there for all to see. But I feel it should be a two way st. SOOO... I asked all the fans from jango radio to send me a picture of them so I could post it on my blog and website. I haven't worked out yet how to edit the website but I can start right here!
This is the lovely Amanda from North Carolina. If I ever get to NC I can take her out for a drink!
This is the fabulous Mississippi Heat from Evanston Ill. You can check them out here  and I hope they'll let me sit in with them one day!

This is the very dashing Paul. Definitely "all that" in his day. He didn't tell me anything so a man of mystery!

Now this Eddie and his mates. Eddie is on the left. He's coming to Melbourne to see a show which is lovely! Only, I'm not sure he realizes I will be doing a fair amount of jazz tunes!

And just look at this gorgeous smile! This is Rico. And if he lets me know where we can here him play I'll let you know.

This is the very joyful Carlos who is a movie buff,
check it out!

 Here is the latest pic. This is Justice Trillin (isn't that a great name!) from California. I asked him to find a venue near him for me to sing in when I get to California.

Thanks guys!

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