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Monday, August 23, 2010

Capital Kitchen

I just love having a regular gig and Capital Kitchen is a great place to try out new tunes, originals and some of the more difficult standards. I also get to get dressed up!  Here's a compilation of outfits over the weeks to my cover song Crush.
I've been doing black and white a lot which is unusual for me but it has been very cold and black tights are a must! First clip a lovely Alanah Hill (on sale) with a fantastic little short sleeve jacket from I think. Clip 2, dark blue harem pants with a shortened French Connection dress that I made into a top. The next 4 clips are just a small sampling of some of the amazing  vintage beaded and sequined stuff I have collected. Clip 7, what can I say. I saw it on the and it was fairly inexpensive. Last pic is an Ebay purchase a lovely rich red Laundry dress I wore for the original show at the Cornish Arms.

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