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Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're Doing What We Love..Where's The Money?

(This is the view from my parents house in Spokane. I've never been there! )

I met up with a friend today, a very talented healer. I mean, she goes deep. But she has to spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to make a website that ranks first in Google to drive people to it who will buy something just so she can survive. She's been at for over a year with no success. I find myself getting angry at her because she so very anxious about it. We've all heard about the secret but I don't know anyone who has succeeded at the manifestation part. I mostly know musicians and we all seem to be in the same boat.

I've come to think that unless we remove all ego and fear from what we're trying to achieve, it's never going work. Ahh.. but how the hell do you do that??? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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