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Monday, December 7, 2009

Too Many Dresses Not Enough Boys

I've been away for that I couldn't remember how to log in and got really confused but I'm back on track.

These are two of the best pieces as they are heavily beaded and brilliant quality. I was able to wear it for a cocktail party we we're play at with one of my line ups...

I seem not to be able to let anybody else eat into my ever growing collection of hand beaded vintage tops and dresses.

If only I could find musicians I love and who have lovely attitudes like these boys. But these boys are not always available because there can be no loyalty in the Australian jazz world.

Let me know if you have one of these wiggle dresses to sell!!!!!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hey Connie, some people have too many dresses, yes, but you enjoy yours so much I don't think anyone should accuse you of being in that category. And you look gorgeous in them!! Just enjoy it!!!

As for the boys... I reckon just let them be, don't try to change any of them, and the good ones will float to the top! There are plenty to go around - musicians included!