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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Finery

I really thought that since we were going to be playing the same time the "Wedding" was being broadcast here in Australia, that the Cap would be quiet and we'd get a really good clear sound for the recording. Ha! I was right on one thing. There were very few people there. Quiet? No such luck. We had one big table complete with 25 little kids who thought they were watching an episode of playschool and danced around and screamed into the camera. They thought they were going to be on TV. 
  I also had to take my migraine medicine because I used a new hairspray and it set off the aura that precedes a migraine. I'm always thankful when I actually do get an aura because at least then the medicine seems to work. Usually it doesn't and I'm laid up for four days in pain and extreme agony! The point being that the medicine fries my brain and I forget all the words and come in at the wrong place to boot! 
Fashion wise I finally got to wear the beautiful Allanah Hill yellow sequined bolero with a silk, watermelon pink Seduce dress I found on Ebay. I teamed this ensemble with a pair of Stuart Weitzmen pink and black swirl slingbacks. Very wedding appropriate.


This week's video is a mash up of two very romantic songs, The Nearness of You and That's All, the only two bits of the whole show that didn't have a child in it!

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