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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Friends Again

 I've been really sick with the flue and then a very bad migraine to follow up. I've had 3 gigs while being so sick so I'm only going to post video with the view of just  continuing my documentation of the fashion. You have realized by now, I'm sure that half the fun of gigging is the dressing up bit. I was very naughty and ordered two!!! pairs of Jefferey Campbell boots because I fell in love. Do not even consider trying walk in them. Oh no. Just stand and then loll around with you feet out in front so everyone can see how utterly cool these boots are. The first ones with the yellow socks is what inspired the search. They are DSquared an cost over $600 US and that's on sale so Jefferey Campbell was the next best thing! (I had to go out and buy socks!)
Yes????? Anyway enough of that, In this video I wore the brown boots with an old Sportsgirl silk dress that I saw someone wearing on a TV show! I teamed it with brown knee socks and a belt I got in an op shop the exact color. The since it's still freezing, a Brown cropped jacket I picked up in the Sates a couple of years ago.'s another of my new friends. Val Tims is from Russia. I always think of Russia as being cold and snowing this looks like a lovely spring day. Thanks Val!

OK, here's the latest vid but it's a bit hard to get the full effect of the boots.

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