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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Social Media Sucks

I have to admit, keeping a blog is like having to cook every single night. I want good food but I wish someone else would do it.
I have a new piano player and it's interesting because this piano player seemed way out of my league two years ago. I heard him play at a festival and my ears couldn't take in what he was doing. I loved it and his vocalist is in my opinion Australia's very best jazz artist. I thought at the time wow, I don't think I could work with him. He's so complicated. But at the same time I wanted to work with him. And then, suddenly my regular guy, who I love, started to overplay horribly. Just no space at all, not even in the slowest of ballads. Why???? I was either boring him to death or his loyalty became split when his wife decided she wanted to sing with him. I couldn't find the words to tell him to stop so I just put up with it. When audience members started to comment on his overplaying I knew I had to be brave and call the other guy. I did call, he had just split with his fantastic vocalist and now he's my regular guy. What does this mean??? Is the Universe telling me something? I hope so because really, I think social media is a croc. Who are all those people I follow on Twitter and who are all the people following me? Aren't we all just trying to sell each other something? I don't understand a word anybody is saying on twitter or what it has to do with me. I just want to play live gigs, which I do regularly and get better and better at what I do. If social media gets people out of their homes and into the venue where my band is playing then well and good. But so far, I have not seen that. I think I have just as much chance by doing everything I can to be prepared for the opportunity the Universe may bring my way. This great pianist comes over to my house once a week and records new songs for me to learn. I don't play an instrument so this is the thing I've needed and I learned two new songs in a week! It usually takes me two weeks to learn one.
If you know what twitter is good for and can tell me oh please enlighten me.

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