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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Life of a Lonely Jazz Singer

(That's my boyfriend and jazz slave)

Hi, My name is Connie Lansberg and this is my first blog.
I feel it's time to reach out and make new friends because all I ever do is learn new songs, break in new piano players (who don't seem to know what a chord is) deal with my new all girl Big Band, Connie Lansberg & the Sister of Sass, all 20 of us, write songs and fantasize about new shoes and dresses. I firmly believe that the singer should always look better than the audience. It's part of the show! many "jazz"singers here in Melbourne do not agree with me. I love fashion and if I didn't have such a huge desire to sing I would have a fantastic dress shop and search the world for wearable art.
Still, I know the audience likes to see what I'm wearing week after week and I always get comments on my shoes. I remember a booker coming to see me and I was wearing a great dress at the gig, but the venue she was booking for was grungy so I wore jeans at the gig and she never gave us another gig!
I admit my one stroke of luck is that my lovely boyfriend is my drummer and my jazz slave. He knows so much about jazz and I just like to sing. He's taught me everything I know and always has helpful critiques for me. I admit I only started learning these tunes a few years ago but so many of them are melodic and lyric genius.
Anyway, the lovely boy sets everything up and takes it all down before and after every gig as well as carting the whole drum kit around. he never complains and loves his drums so much! His musical knowledge is vast and I'm trying to convince him to be a reviewer!

I need to figure out if we can ever get beyond this level of notoriety . We have a pretty good album and about to do an original one with my jazz guys (I guess it'll be pop/jazz), we do a lot of gigs but we're not well known outside the 300 people who come to our shows. (Mind you, they never show up all at once. I wish!) I'm told it all depends on the Internet but I'm convinced someone manipulates results and wants us to believe that people really can be discovered online. I guess this will be my own experiment. Is there such a thing as 100th monkey syndrome?:

I'm willing to find out. To hear our music and comment you can either google me or go to the website. And then let me know what you think???

This is a montage of a couple of original tunes
done live if you like visuals. Sound is a little rough as it was recorded straight through the video camera.

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Michelle Wallbanks said...

Really enjoyed listening to your music, you're all fab!! Do you do any gigs in London???. I'm a professional singer. Speant 7 years on and off working as a vocalist on baord P and O cruises, I wanted to get into jazz and started working on my own act but had to put it on hold due to finacial reasons. Lovely hearing your unique style.