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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Back to School

I love this flirty little Lipstick dress. I found it at Forever New (in fact I bought 2 of the same design, different colors) It's the perfect Day Dress and you can wear different color slips underneath. It has a base of deep lilac with swirls of yellow, red and cornflower blue. I just didn't feel like wearing tights so I pulled out my deep magenta knee socks, teamed them with a pair of Steve Madden wooden soled sandals and there you have it. The grown up school girl look!
Now, I realize that I don't really talk about my lonely life because I don't feel the need to complain. I was alone all day today but I wrote a very complicated song using the chords of No More Blues, it took about four hours and I was exhausted! I also saw a doco on a Canadian pianist Glen Gould that was really interesting. He had control issues which I could learn from! I just let the boys do whatever they want with my songs but I like that. I'm quite limited and they bring my stuff to a whole new level.
The clip this week is "Georgia" which is on my album at iTunes because I love hearing my lovely Norwegian genius pianist Tpm Hanssen play the blues.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red, White and Yellow???

I think I found the look. 

I was wearing a lovely 50's inspired Zambelli dress with a scrumptious pair of Karen Millan red pumps, singing Fly me to the Moon when a feeling came over me that this all made sense. The audience understood the look and the music.

I felt like Julie London! 
Although, what does that do to all my cutting edge outfits? Do I stick with letting the outfits broadcast the "jazz" element or do I just follow my fancy and wear my modern looks for when I sing my originals? I don't know! We finally did some work on the originals because even the best jazz guys can get lost in a chart they've never seen, or can't remember, so I can't wait to see what happens. Here's a very blurry vid of Fly Me to the Moon.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Life of a Lonely Jazz Singer: It Might as Well Be Spring!

The Life of a Lonely Jazz Singer: It Might as Well Be Spring!

It Might as Well Be Spring!

This posting is late once again due to head implosion known as migraine. Honestly, God could not have smyte me more. Four days of agony and starvation (it's why I don't bother dieting). Things could always be worse. Right? I just wonder what it's doing to my brain???

The weather warmed right up again so I pulled out my special dress, a gorgeous silk Trelise Cooper in a bouquet of colors and tiny ruffles. There is an olive green running trough it and I teamed it with olive green tights that ran right into my Jeffery Campbell olive green boots. My drummer called it the glamorous combat look. 

Is this not a Monet inspired dress??
So here's a my ode to Spring.  "It Might as Well Be Spring."